Ferra Aerospace and Dynamatic Technologies sign MoU for aerospace and defense development

A file photo of former UK Prime Minister Theresa May visiting the Dynamatic Technologies Limited unit in Bengaluru.

Ferra Aerospace India, through Queensland-based Ferra Engineering Australia, has entered into a contractual agreement by signing an MoU with Bengaluru-based Dynamatic Technologies Limited to enhance their scale and capability in strategic aerospace manufacturing .

This will lead to collaboration in product integration, testing, technology development of airframe structures and precision aerospace components for customers across the Indian market.

The MoU was signed on March 20 by the Managing Director and General Manager of Ferra Aerospace Private Limited Sridhar Chinthaat together with Udayant Malhoutra, CEO and Managing Director of Dynamatic Technologies Limited, in the presence of the Treasurer of Queensland and Minister for Trade and Investment Queensland Cameron Dick.

Mr Dick said, “We commend Ferra’s Brisbane and India teams for securing deals with prestigious customers in India, such as Dynamatic Technologies. Partnerships with global defense giants, such as Boeing and Dynamatic Technologies, underpin Queensland’s advanced manufacturing capabilities. The support and advancement of companies, like Ferra, further diversify our economy and build on our existing skills base in Queensland.

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