5 Best Universities in the USA for International Students

Using the Institute for International Education’s list of top destinations for American students abroad, we’ve found the most popular universities that American students go to for a global education. To compile our rankings, we found international student demographics for the top ten universities in each country using a combination of institutional facts and figures, and QS’s distribution of international students for universities that do not have these pages.

We then assessed our sample based on three indicators: (1) the institution’s country of origin ranking according to the IIE list; (2) the place of foreign students in the total number of educational institutions; and (3) the percentage of international students to the population of the institution. Each of these indicators accounted for 1/3 of each university’s total score, which was then ranked in such a way that the international university with the highest score in all three indicators rose to first place.

Not surprisingly, international universities where English is the language of instruction or where courses are offered in English ranked in the top, meaning that the world’s most popular universities for American students are those where they can speak their native language. Others provide conditions for US citizens, such as special funding opportunities or no tuition fees. So, whether you are an international university trying to figure out how to attract more American students, an American university wondering where your students go when they go abroad, or an American student who wants to make your education global, see the list below.

1. London School of Economics and Political Science

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), located in the heart of England’s capital, is a leading university for world leaders. With around 6,583 international students, representing 70 percent of the total student population, the LSE consistently ranks among the top 100 in the world and also trains some of the world’s biggest business executives and political giants (such as David Rockefeller and Kennedy). , Known for ranking universities, especially for public relations, international history and human geography.

2. London University of the Arts

Spread across London, this huge British university is one of the largest fine arts universities in Europe, with six colleges of international acclaim. Maintaining a diverse community of 5,265 international students, representing 37 percent of the total student body.

3. University of Salamanca

The University of Salamanca, located west of Madrid in the Autonomous Historical Community of Castile and León, is Spain’s oldest university. With over 9,200 international students, 25 percent of the student body, the University of Salamanca is home to the works of the world-famous Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes, and holds over 906,000 volumes at Spain’s second largest university. Known library. Consistently ranked among the top five universities in the country due to attracting a large number of students from abroad, the university’s language study program has 35 percent of international students and 65 percent of international graduate students who come to the university to study the languages of their choice. in. ,

4. RMIT University

Based in Melbourne with branches in Europe and Asia, RMIT is Australia’s largest institution of higher education with over 80,000 students. As 46 per cent of students are international, almost 2 out of every 3 of the 26,000 international students study outside Australia. RMIT is known worldwide for its excellent teaching of both theory and technical skills that have practical applications in technology, design and business, and for result-oriented research in similar areas. Of its international degree-seeking population, 56 percent are undergraduates and the remaining 44 percent are graduate students, with an undergraduate to graduate ratio of approximately 5:4. English proficiency is required for admission to the program at any of its locations, making it convenient for US students.

5. University College London

Located in the Bloomsbury area of central London, University College London houses the largest institution of higher education in the country’s capital, with the largest number of postgraduate students in the United Kingdom. Supporting a diverse community of 4960 international students, who make up 36 per cent of the total student body, UCL is home to the founding fathers of modern India, Kenya, Japan and Nigeria, as well as teaching Alexander Graham Bell and co-author Is known. The double helix of DNA. Global University consistently ranks among the top 20 international universities in all three international college ranking systems and attracts a large number of international students to prove its global spirit. International graduate students make up 55 percent of the significant number of international students, while international students make up the remaining 45. 600 people who study abroad there every year.

Factors that are taken into account when ranking schools

In preparing this list, we have researched the most authoritative sources. We compiled a series of articles and then backed up the claims with our own research. Many colleges look to our sources and use their rankings on source lists to show off their credentials. However, our list combines all sources to create the most comprehensive online guide. Different source materials inevitably have their own biases. That’s why we’ve filtered the lists by the most frequently cited entries and backed up the most relevant entries with our own additional research.

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